Movie Night!

Movies can be a great way to not only learn about the world of wine, but have fun with a group of friends as well. Who doesn't enjoy a great movie night? Pop some popcorn, break out the snacks, and open a group friendly bottle of wine to share as you settle down for movie night. The movie Bottle Shock is a great example of a fun way to learn about the evolution of Napa Valley and what put them on the map as a respectable wine producing region fully capable of competing with the revered wines of France. Many a vintage of French wine was thought to be the best of the best for centuries and nary a critic would dare to compare the austere French wine tradition with other European countries steeped in wine history, let alone the upstarts in a dusty American valley known as Napa. That is, until the Paris based wine expert and wine shop owner Steven Spurrier decided to host a blind tasting competition. His intent was to showcase the quality of French wines above all others in order to boost sagging sales. But when he ventured to Napa Valley to find the wines for his competition that he expected to be inferior to French wines, he was met with quite a surprise. And the rest they say, is history, that we fondly know of today as the “Judgment of Paris”. A funny, provocative, and engaging tale of grit, perseverance, and faith, this movie is sure to be a hit among wine lovers and their friends who are interested in learning more about some of the most historic wineries in Napa Valley.

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